IGAD Regional Migration Policy Framework

Migration at IGAD is addressed within the framework of the Regional Migration Policy Framework (RMPF) that is derived from the African Union continental framework adopted in Banjul in 2006. The regional framework was adopted by the IGAD Council of Ministers in 2012 and has become the primary IGAD policy reference on migration.

The objectives of the RMPF are to provide a regional comprehensive approach to migration management; facilitate the harmonization of policies in migration management at a regional and national level; provide a broad range of recommendations on various migration issues as guide to governments and above all to support Member States’ efforts in formulating national migration policies that address specific migration related challenges and concerns in a more comprehensive and holistic manner.

The ultimate objective of the RMPF is to realize the well-being and protection of migrants including internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees in all IGAD Member States and the realisation of the developmental potential of migration.