Migration in the IGAD region

The IGAD Member States have and continue to experience common challenges of movement of mixed migrant populations whether in search of economic opportunities or as a result of forceful displacement due to civil strive, disasters such as floods, and droughts amongst other reasons have also seen displacement of populations. The region also has a significant Diaspora that is found in the Middle East, Europe and North America comprising a great resource that if tapped could contribute to the development of the region.


Many of the IGAD countries continue to export labour mostly semiskilled within the region and beyond; however, labour migration continues to be a challenge as often it has been a conduit for criminals to take advantage of and engage in smuggling and trafficking. Member states have also not taken full advantage of the development potential of migration by not mainstreaming it in development planning. This may be due to lack of capacity and expertise on how to do this. With these countries sharing porous borders, migration goes on both regularly and irregularly. One of the reason this happens is because migration continues to be handled and dealt with by different government agencies and polices that do not speak to or cooperate with each other.