National Coordination Mechanism on Migration (NCM)

IGAD Member States have different government institutions that are responsible for migration management. These include Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior/Home Affairs, and Labour amongst others. In the absence of coordination, each Ministry pursues its own policy, which may bring about inconsistent laws and regulations, resulting in policy incoherence. This hence also implies a lack of a common IGAD migration policy and harmonised migration management tools.


National Coordination Mechanisms are currently being established and strengthened in each IGAD Member State in order to enhance the national coordination of the different migration actors and stakeholders as recommended in the Migration Action Plan 2015-2020 strategic priorities 1 and 2. The NCMs meet on a regular basis to address existing and emerging migration issues, improve cooperation on the broad areas of migration governance and share information as well as to plan together at the national level. They also aim to facilitate the implementation of the IGAD RMPF at the national level and to develop national migration policies.


In the long run, the Mechanisms will support regional migration management, as Member States will have a common voice and shared understanding of migration realities at the national level. It will thus be easier to establish the realities at the regional level and how best to address them at the RCP amongst other channels.