Regional Consultative Process on Migration (IGAD – RCP)

In order to establish a follow-up mechanism as well as to ensure regular reporting on the implementation on the RMPF, IGAD with support from the International Organization on Migration (IOM) established the Regional Consultative Process (RCP) on Migration in 2008 and held its roll out meeting in 2010. The RCP concept is an informal, non-binding mechanism with an overall objective of facilitating dialogue and regional cooperation in migration management, by creating a platform through which information is exchanged, best practices shared and solutions to common challenges are pursued. The IGAD RCP therefore brings together Member States, relevant transit and destination countries beyond the IGAD region, international organisations and other stakeholders to exchange information on migration issues of common interest. The process also acts as a platform for following up on the implementation of the RMPF recommendations.

Link to the RCP reports

Link to declaration of establishment of RCP